USAid Scholarship 2010/2011

USAid (United States Agency of International Development)  Scholarship is one of many programs from USAid which supported by USA Government.

AED (Academic for Education Development) is partner of USAid to support implementation HIDC (Human and Institutional Capacity Development) program. This program have goal to train a new generation of Indonesian public and private sector leaders in priority sectors and skills, including economics, health, environment, education and leadership. The Program will focus on studies for academic degrees in the U.S, Indonesia, and third countries. The emphasis of the academic program is on Master’s Degrees with a limited number of Bachelor’s and PhD degrees being offered. So, AED has been handled all process of this scholarship.

USAid Scholarship was open now and will close at December 31, 2010.

You can get complete information on

I was received this scholarship this year, so you can fell free to contact me or leave your comment to ask about this scholarship. Hopefully I can help.

I give this link to download all form you need.

I was granted this scholarship too.  So, if you would like to ask something about this, please leave comments or feel free to contact me.


2 responses to “USAid Scholarship 2010/2011

  1. I thank usaid for the good they do the community. I would also seek that I be considered for a scholarship, being a needy student.

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